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Sales Division

The Sales Division supports home construction by selling and distributing a comprehensive range of construction materials, including wood, precut timbers, other construction materials, housing equipment, and energy-saving products. Also the Sales Division combines a wealth of knowledge on construction materials and sophisticated professional skills to provide high-quality, cozy, relaxing homes with a high level of functionality and livability.

Product Development OfficePENTA PUTTER Woodymeimoku LIGNO

Using wood compression molding technology, which can increase the hardness of wood or, conversely, make wood flexible, we aim to replace petroleum-derived high-environmental- impact materials with recyclable wood materials towards creating a recycling-based society.

Compressed Wood

Wood can be compressed to increase its density. It is even possible to create compressed wood that sinks in water. Not only does compressed wood become heavier, we can also increase strength and surface hardness of wood. Flexural strength can be raised two to three times, and surface hardness three to five times, depending on the compression ratio.

We call our compressed wood products with enhanced strength and surface hardness LIGNOTEX, a word coined by joining “lignum,” meaning wood in Latin, "lignin," which is one of the three main components of wood, “technology,” and "texture" as in the consistency and feel of wood materials. LIGNOTEX is a registered trademark.

LIGNOFLEX is also a compressed wood product. We give flexibility to wood during the compression process. LIGNOFLEX bends well in the radial direction from the tree rings (in the direction of straight grains). The mechanism of flexibility is yet to be elucidated in detail. You might get a better picture if you think about the accordion-like pattern in a bendable straw you use for drinking soda. The wood cell is transformed into a similar accordion-like pattern.

LIGNOFLEX is coined from "lignum" and "flexible." LIGNOFLEX is a registered trademark.