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Company Overview

Nagoya Lumber Co., Ltd has been handling lumber in earnest since 1945. Mother Earth was born 4.6 billion years ago and mankind 3 million years ago.

The first tools our earliest ancestors used are believed to have been made of wood and stone. Lumber is an essential resource for our development. Recently many resources have been exploited, such as metal and oil-derived materials, which are easy to mold and maintain their original shape. They have made our life more convenient, but have also imposed a burden on our environment. One way of lessening the environmental burden is to create a recycling society. The best material to do so is wood.

Wood grown over a long period returns to the soil, where it is decomposed by water and air after making a great contribution to our human society, and again becomes a natural resource. Lumber maintains a very close relationship with Mother Earth.

Company Name
Nagoya Lumber Co., Ltd
2-6-41 Sannoh, Nakagawa, Nagoya, Aichi, 454-0011, JAPAN
Kohtaro Niwa
December 1945
70 People
Capital Stock
Two hundred million yen
Net Sales
¥5.9 billion (consolidated)
Business Activities
Lumber, building material, household appliance selling
Selling lot house building
Lumber product Research and development