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Management Philosophy

"We excel in, differentiate, and add value to wood, which is the best gift from nature, and contribute to the formation of a 'recycling-based society'"

Wood is the most ideal material in the natural world that can contribute to a "recycling-based society." Trees, from which wood is taken, soak up plenty of energy from the sun and grow through photosynthesis, absorbing carbon dioxide (CO2) into tree leaves and releasing oxygen (O2). Trees play an important role in preserving the global environment. Consumption of "controlled wood" has enormous benefits on the global environment.

Increasing consumption of wood reduces consumption of petroleum and other fossil fuels, curbing the emission of greenhouse gases. Based on years of experience and understanding of the essence of the eco-friendly wood products, including the different characteristics of different wood types, we hope that wood will continue to be an integral and special part of people's lives for many years to come.

Long-Term Vision

"We look out into the world and create a harmonious living environment using recyclable wood"

We constantly explore ways to optimally and efficiently use, recover, reuse and recycle wood. We want our customers to feel the pleasure and joy of having wood in their living environment. In addition to keeping abreast of industry trends, we see through our customers' eyes and pursue the potential of wood from a broad perspective.

Message from the President

  • Work hard, play hard!
  • Act right away on a good idea!
  • Think from others' perspectives!

Setting a corporate philosophy alone will not make a company better. Customers’ trust and lively employees are the essential components of any company. As an individual and member of society, you will find your way by taking action proactively based on your sense of curiosity. If you work as hard as you apply yourself in play, work will become just as enjoyable as play. Believe me because I speak from experience. We all live within the context of time. When we put off things until later, we usually lose interest or begin to see them as a burden.

If you see a good idea, act on it right away and you will leave a lasting, formidable impression on those around you.

Instead of pursuing personal gain, think about how you can give to others. In other words, think what would please others from their points of view and take action! What goes around comes around. If you try to take from others, they will flee. But if you try to give to others, it will eventually come back for your own benefit. This is exactly what the "law of the wooden tub" means in Japan.

Kohtaro Niwa, President